Animal Assisted Education

The main GOAL of this project: to introduce primary school teachers to Animal Assisted Education and encourage the inclusion of animals in the learning process, providing knowledge and tools to facilitate the process of inclusion of students with various difficulties. Research shows that learning through respectful interaction and cooperation with animals improves people's physical health, the ability to relate to others, and helps to stimulate a child's interest in any educational activity.

Project number:


Target group

Main target group: primary school students with special needs. Other target groups: primary school teachers, non-formal education specialists and primary school pupils in the broad sense.


  • VšĮ Eko Mintis (LT)

  • Hartwig Kraft von Wedel (DE)

  • Šiauliai Vinco Kudirkos progimnasium (LT)


1. Methodological tool "Animal Assisted Education: A Teachers Guide".

2. Teachers' in-service training programme.

Learning, teaching and training activities:

1. Practical seminar on the use of animals in the teaching/learning process; (Wiederoda, Germany)

2. Product testing activities with pupils (Biržai, Lithuania)