About us


  • improvement of the qualifications of teachers and educators providing educational services and useful educational activities for the public on the topics of outdoor pedagogy, experiential training, project management, enviromental education and sustainable lifestyle.
man in red hoodie standing on tree area while looking up
man in red hoodie standing on tree area while looking up

Experiential teaching / learning, based on the principles of outdoor pedagogy and enviromental education principles, animal-assisted education methodology and student-centered teaching / learning approach - all this is our main field of activity and topics on which we conduct seminars, trainings for teachers, recommendations, consultancy for organizations and individuals and organize various experiential activities outdoors for profesionals and community. In addition to practical activities for teachers and students, we also conduct scientific research in the field of education.

Let's cooperate!


  • to ensure the quality of education by forming educational content, conducting educational research, providing multifaceted assistance to the education system;

  • to carry out scientific research and popularization of science, experiential education, outdoor pedagogy, sustainable lifestyle, animal welfare and nature conservation education.

  • cooperate and carry out joint activities with foreign partners, ensuring sharing of good experience and dissemination of results.

Our team

dr. Mindaugas Kazlauskas

Doctor of Humanities

doc. dr. Sigita Girdzijauskienė

Doctor of Social Sciences

Laura Stašaitytė

Master of Social Sciences

Akvilė Girdzijauskaitė

Master of Social Sciences