Animal Assisted Education in Primary School

Innovative educational projects

The main GOAL of this project: to introduce primary school teachers to Animal Assisted Education and encourage the inclusion of animals in the learning process, providing knowledge and tools to facilitate the process of inclusion of students with various difficulties. Research shows that learning through respectful interaction and cooperation with animals improves people's physical health, the ability to relate to others, and helps to stimulate a child's interest in any educational activity.

Teaching Language and Culture for Integration Through Outdoor Learning and Cultural Encounters

The main goal of this project is to improve the language and culture education of immigrant children through natural and cultural encounters, using the experiential learning method and field pedagogy methods. The place or context in which learning takes place is an integral part of the learning process, and it also helps them make connections between their experiences and the world we share with others. The outdoors provides a wealth of resources and spaces that are difficult to replicate in an indoor setting, as well as an opportunity to teach language and culture in an inclusive and innovative way.